Throughout the week of conference, we are inviting you to join us in fasting. Starting Monday (3/13) through Friday (3/17), we will be fasting from a different thing each day. 

As we enter into this week and experience conference, we want to press into the Lord and create a space for the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us. Fasting allows us to do that and we encourage you to join us as we make space to meditate on what the Lord is doing and how He wants to use us.

Fasting Schedule

Monday 3/13

For Day 1, we will be fasting from our beds.

As we kick of our week of fasting, we want to start by taking away comfortability. Fasting from our beds allow us to experience a small part of reality for people in other parts of the world.

Tuesday 3/14

For Day 2, we will be fasting from all liquids other than water.

As we prepare our hearts for conference, we hope this day of fasting will make us re-consider our daily routine. Join us as we question our sources of energy and the things in our life that we consider "normal".

Wednesday 3/15

For Day 3, we will be fasting from distractions

As conference begins, we hope this day of fasting helps us to quiet our minds so that we may listen to God and His promptings. For this day of fasting, join us as we spend 30 minutes in silence and solitude having nothing with us except our Bible (not even our phone).

thursday 3/16

For Day 4, we will be fasting from dinner.

In the midst of conference, join us as we make space to ask God what He's doing and how He's moving. By denying our bodies food for one meal, we hope to press deeper into God and to be more sensitive to Him. 

friday 3/17

For Day 5, we will be fasting from mirrors

As we conclude Missions Conference, we hope this day of fasting will challenge us to re-evaluate what we consider to be important. By fasting from mirrors for the day, we are choosing to take our eyes off of the physical and to focus on the spiritual.